Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Exit Stage Left

We decided to get a puppy eleven years ago - a somewhat obscure breed known as the Flatcoated Retriever. My DH wanted a male and I (being the only woman in a house of men) wanted a female. When the litter came it was only one puppy, a female. The deal was sealed when she fell asleep in his arms. I finally had my "daughter".

We called her Echo after a Rush album titled "Test for Echo". I'd wax poetic about her cute habits or even about how she was the bestest dog in the whole dang world but if you're reading this and have a dog yourself, you'll know that's bullshit because your dog is the best in the world.

These pictures were taken just at the exact last moment in time before my little boys suddenly became men. From the time they were six years old until now, she's been my "wing girl" watching over Butch and Sundance with all the patience in the world. She never knew a world that didn't include having peanut butter and jam in her ear hair from sticky little fingers.

Yesterday started like any other day and ended with a frantic search for a vet not experiencing a power outage as the years finally caught up with our sweet pet. We were there for her when she needed us to do right by her. No regrets.
Unplanned holes suck. In our knitting and in our lives. As the old saying goes - I truly hope to someday become the person my dog thinks I am.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fish Story

We've just spent a glorious week on Vancouver Island. Here we are after awaking @ 6:00 am (who am I kidding - I never slept all night out of fear of sleeping in) and arriving at the airport in Victoria.

I took every opportunity to sneak in a wee bit of knitting time. Here I am on a fishing charter thinking "Would it be in poor taste to bring out my knitting?" Given I was on a fishing boat with a bunch of sweaty smelly guys - I decided they wouldn't care so, Evie got a fair bit of air play. Actually, she got about 4 hours of focus so I was able to get a fair bit done.

Did you know that knitting on a boat brings fishermen good luck???? Here is Butch Cassidy with his prize for the day. This was one of two bites we got and it paid off. A 27 pound (ok Dad, ok - 26.5 pounds...sue me I round up) Chinook Salmon. Twenty two pounds of it came home on the plane with us. Look how far up the side of the guy who owns the charter boat it goes.

I also managed to get a lot done on Diamond Fantasy. I'm about 30% of the way there. I'm in love with this Shetland roving and found a shepherdess not far from my dad who had some loving Shetland roving. I'm looking forward to spinning it and remembering my trip.

With two strong backs in the house it made sense to put them to work on some gardening chores. Here they are enjoying a laugh with grandpa.

A lovely day in Victoria yielded a skein of Hand Maiden Silk. Isn't this an amazing colourway. I plan to make the Sea Scape shawl with this baby.

I also started the Koolhaas hat by Jared Flood in my own handspun. This is BFL roving from Lisa Souza in her jonquil colourway. It's so soft - I'm really enjoying the pattern.

All in all it was the perfect vacation. Great hosts (thanks dad and Shirley), amazing sunny weather and lots of time to knit. Do I have to come back to reality?