Sunday, January 30, 2011

Out on a Ledge

I do enjoy blogging - really I do! You'd never know it from the infrequent posts last year but it's been a busy but good year. Amongst all of the craziness is still yarn. And although I dabble in several fibre arts - knitting remains my first love. I fell head over heals in love with Hallett's Ledge from the Fall 2010 Twist Collective. I find cables so soothing and zen - I always find myself thinking I must do more when I'm working on a cabled project.

I do so love the Rowan Felted Tweed and couldn't pass up a chance to use it for this design. I got a new Nikon D3100 for Christmas so I've been playing with it a bit. I'm no Jared Flood but here are my attempts at showing the beautiful texture of the design as well as the flecks of caramel and icy blue that highlight the ivy shade of Felted Tweed. I've actually manged to remain monogamous since crawling out on "the ledge". It's just that satisfying.

The body is done in one piece and I've pinned it to Judy just to get a sense as to how it will hug the body. It spurs me on to keep at the sleeves.

I'll be going to Madrona in a couple of weeks and I'll be taking a photography course with Franklin Habit so fingers crossed - hopefully there will be some better shots to come!