Monday, May 23, 2011

Time Machine

I wish I had one. Wow - my last post was Jan. 30 so here I am four months later finally posting again. I have a new job managing a winery with the same company I've been with for the last six years. It's exciting and busy...hence the lack of blogging. Hallet's Ledge is coming along nicely and the second sleeve it about 2/3 done so just the button and neck bands to do after the arms are attached.

Spring has been slow to arrive but now that it's finally here - I'm jonseing for some warm weather knits.

In particular, I'm quite taken with the new book from Fibrespates called Scrumptious Knitting. This lovely cardigan is made from some laceweight. I have some Hepburn from Abstract Fiber in a shade called "Big Girl Pink". This is the pink that was mentioned on the Knitmore Girl's Podcast. Now the two skeins are quite differently shaded so I'm either going to have to alternate every other row or shade from dark to light.

I also love this lacy cardigan from the same book. My stash of Green Stinkbug Skinny Bugga will be perfect for this one too. I bought it to make the Austin Hoodie but ended up getting the Tosh Merino Light anyway.

I'm plugging away on a garter stitch vest called Desert from the Savannah book from Rowan. The lilac shade is so pretty and the strips of garter stitch are a welcome diversion when my brain is fried. With a new job there's lots of information to cram in so many nights - I'm only good for garter stitch. The strips are knit one way and then the other way with a yoke of short rows to finish it off.

I'm excited about my trip to BC in a couple of weeks so stay tuned for lots of nice pictures as I hook up with a couple of knitting buddies in Vancouver. I'll certainly need to learn how to blog from my iPad.