Saturday, January 09, 2016

When all else fails...lower your standards

My grand plan to post more frequently in 2016 didn't quite pan out. When life moves at warp speed, only the top 5 things tend to get done. As it turns out - I have a significant FO to reveal. You'll recall that I was working on the Swedish Heartwarmer Shawl out of Bugga. The colours I chose are below. Tomato Frog, Blue Metalmark, Sooty Dancer and Bog Fritillary.

I cast on several years ago and became bored with the stockinette section. With a little help from Dr. Steph, the colourwork finally showed up and I became completely enamoured. She has a fabulous video on her blog to show how to knit and strand backwards. It made a huge difference in how the project flowed.
I finally finished it 5 hours before Rhinebeck opened. Those French Knots almost did me in but they really finish the shawl beautifully. Here's the shawl amongst the autumn leaves in Rhinebeck.

Here's me modeling the shawl. The Agent Carter hat was purchased at Beau Chapeau in Niagara on the Lake.

And Judy gets to wear it most days but it allows me to display it so I can see it daily - not store it in a closet or something.
I have lots of exciting things to blog about. Madrona is coming up, I have a lovely Hansen mini spinner and I've just registered for the Weaving Workshop by Rose Valley Textiles. Hopefully, blogging can make it higher up on the list this year.