Monday, January 23, 2012

Toot,toot, tootsie hello.

 I bought some Toots LeBlanc merino/angora at Madrona fiber festival last year.  Given the length of my knitting queue, I figured that it stood a better chance of becoming an FO as a woven object.  I was supposed to create something for a competition ( eventually cancelled) using 3 colours from the OHS tartan.  I chose azure, brown and white.  I had to overdye the fawn shade with the azure and it came out the perfect shade.

In my zeal to get the warp on the loom, I neglected to tie off the crosses and ended up with a tangled mess.  Had it not been Toots LeBlanc, I might have given up.  I took a few weeks to slowly sort the threads and to put them in place.  The warp is brown and white, the weft blue and white.  The pin wheel design is fun and beautiful.  I got the pattern from the Handwoven best of scarves collection.

The cloth is beautiful, the yarn bloomed perfectly.  

Colour me happy.