Sunday, July 18, 2010

Drive By Blogging

So you may be wondering how the heck the weaving is going?? It's been said that good judgement comes from experience and that experience comes from...bad judgement.

I'm getting lots of "experience".

Thanks so much to everyone who posted here and in the Handwoven study group forums to help me figure out how to save this project. It's a classic case of yarn and weave structure not being compatible. Undulating twills have long floats on top of the cloth. This is a bigger yarn and is super wash/silk blend (in other words slippery). Undulating twills it turns out are much nicer when woven in fine yarns that can grip a bit. Ah - go figure!

At any rate, the amazing Jane Stafford has suggested that I weave a pick of fine neutral 100% wool between the picks of twill to stabilize it. That's what I'm doing and it's definitely better but still a bit more "mobile" than I would like.

The true test will be when it takes a bath. Hopefully the wool picks will felt a wee bit and hold it all together.

Time will tell! I'm in the home stretch.