Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Big Schlep

This past autumn was a whirlwind of finishing. September presented our ususal 5 Counties guild competition. We were assigned a piece of art for our inspiration. We were assigned this tea pot.

Our guild thought the tea pot was quite whimsical so we chose an Alice in Wonderland theme. Combining the colours of the tea pot with the Alice theme - I decided to make a twill scarf from the cover of the book Twill Thrills. It featured a heart design with snowflakes in between. The original design was black and red but I took the blue and pink from the tea pot to create my scarf.

The lovely Jane Stafford recommended this fine silk 30/2 and the colours Blue Suede shoes (second from right) and Passion Fruit (far right pink).

The yarn is 10% silk and it was tricky to warp but boy does the shuttle fly on the smooth silk and does the pattern ever glow!

Here is a glamour shot my husband took of the scarf with his Nikon D7000 and one of me wearing it taken with my iPhone. I love wearing it and as always learned a lot about weaving and about my own creative process. Sometimes a few parameters make for some pretty great results and that's whaat competitions like this teach us.