Monday, June 27, 2011

Knitting Al Fresco

It would seem that one large home improvement project per year is the way we roll around here. Two years ago it was the roof and last Those were great but when they're done, you don't get anything new out of the deal just updated versions of what you already had. This year is different. As of tonight, I have large machinery in my back yard.

For the last couple of years, I've plunked down a cheapo gazebo - the kind you get at Canadian Tire. It's been a great place to hang out on warm summer nights and surf the net or to knit. I had little white tea lights suspended from the roof of the gazebo to make it just a bit more magical. When it collapsed last fall, I decided to invest in an oasis of my own and to do some proper landscaping. So, this year - we're installing a patio, pergola and some gardens.

I had a very talented young landscape designer create the plan for me and now, we execute it. Here is day 1. the digging has commenced and all looks good. The patio will be this brick and the pergola will look like this. I'll be buying the plants later this week and completing the final installation myself on Canada Day this Friday. If all goes well, I'll be sipping some of our new Trius Rose on my new patio this long weekend whilst working on my Kowloon cardigan. I did complete my Maritime cardi so look for pictures of that soon!

Stay tuned for an update as this oasis progresses.