Monday, October 18, 2010

Sheep to Haul

This past Friday the Canadian fibre contingent headed up to Rhinebeck NY for the sheep and wool festival. The weekend was a whirlwind but the highlights are as follows:

First Place in the "So Cute I Want to Steal You" category: These Australian Shepherd Puppies. I'm sure they're chewing somebody's slipper as we speak.

First Place in the "So Beautiful I Want to Steal you while your Maker is sleeping" category: Dr. Steph's Swedish Heartwarmer Shawl. Of course since she was providing the passage back to Canada - I chose a ride home over a life of crime but isn't this shawl amazing??? I'm still knitting away on mine but I'm inspired to keep going after seeing hers.

First Place in the "So Beautiful I want to buy more yarn and cast on this second" category: Glenna C's absolutely stunning cabled pullover Royale. She was nice enough to let me try it on and I couldn't click that Pay Pal link fast enough!! I'm eyeing up a nice Indigo Dragonfly yarn for this baby.

My spoils included several stops at the Jennie the Potter booth and I got a beautiful mug so each morning as I sip my coffee ( OK, more like gulp and I'm usually running late but a girl can dream) I can remember my wonderful weekend at Rhinebeck. I also got some buttons from Jennie the Potter and from Sheila and Michael Ernst but I'll blog more on those later.

Gotta run. One more weekend of weaving seminars and I'm through the most intense of the fibre activities for the fall!!