Saturday, June 27, 2009

Putting on the Ritz

My blogging has taken a back seat to a few other distractions lately. Next post I will have some finished objects to show off so there has been progress! However, for the last couple of weeks Chez Veritas has been busy preparing for twin sons Butch and Sundance to graduate from high school. This particular institution does it "old school" complete with girls in flowing white dresses and boys in white dinner jackets and bow ties. My dad came to visit from BC for the blessed event and helped the boys with their bow ties, cumber buns and cuff links.

The ceremony was 3 hours long (it's a big high school) but the kids looked so great and they were so full of energy and excitement. Don't you remember feeling the excitement of your whole life open ahead of you?

Mine was one of about 5 cameras snapping pictures so I only got a few after the ceremony. The boys were itching to get home and get out of the monkey suits so I had to snap quickly. Here they are with their dad. Not the best shot of him but I had to beg all 3 of them to take "just one more picture."

You can take the boy out of the playground but you can't take the playground out of the boy! I hope they always have a touchof "imp" left in them.