Sunday, February 07, 2010

Hitting the Pause Button

This coming Tuesday I will board a plane and head to Washington State for the Madrona Fiber Retreat. Preparing for my absence requires several "to do" lists.

  1. Clean towels, sheets and underwear for everyone...check

  2. Board of Directors report complete and submitted....check

  3. Two casseroles, 3 loaves of bread and 4 boxes of Kraft Dinner in the pantry...check

  4. Purchased 12 large crickets to feed to carnivorous lizard...check

  5. Packed, got US traveler's cheques and completed workshop homework...check

Now just the fact that my list includes both a Board report and a cricket purchase (and not the English sporting kind) makes me like most busy moms - a multi-tasker. We give and do for others so much that sometimes, we just need to recharge our batteries. This is what Madrona is all about for me.

I'll be taking my Wee Robin wheel and partaking in a seminar with Judith MacKenzie McCuin about fleeces and the long staple breeds. I've taken a several workshops with her before and I always learn so much. I'm also taking a day with Janine Bajus on designing a Fair Isle yoke sweater and choosing colours for the project. I've wanted to take a workshop with her for ages so I'm quite excited to finally be able to. There will be great friends, lovely food, stimulating workshops and lots of lovely fibre and yarn at the vendor market. I'm hoping to take my Christmas money (thanks dad!) and treat myself to a bulky plying head for my Matchless.

I've always loved this painting. I don't own it but I do own several of his pieces. It's called "The Responsible Woman". It is an homage to his wife who balances several roles in any given day. He's beautifully captured the essence of today's wife, mother and businesswoman.

No matter who you are or what your gender - make sure you set aside some time, money and head space to have an experience that recharges your batteries. Acquiring another "widget" just doesn't have the same therapeutic impact.

Catch you all on the flip side!