Monday, March 05, 2007

You Zig - I'll Zag

A reader named "Yarn It" left this comment on my last post. "I would love to see how the first side of your skirt turned out! I have been eyeing that issue came out and I just looked at is yesterday to reconsider the skirt again. Has it been a fun knit?" To answer your question - absolutely! It's Koigu. It's pink. It's a variety of stitches and patterns with just enough "mindless" stockinette to make it portable. In fact, the first side is complete. The pattern does warn would be knitters that the twisted lace pattern does put the knitting on the bias so the resulting piece is quite the crooked spectacle. All should be well once the mirror image is complete and these little quirks are hidden with some kick-butt mattress stitch. I may put the second side on hold for a bit because I've been using my beloved Holtz and Stein ebony 3.25mm circular needles for this and they need to go back to their first commitment.

Meet Rhinegold.

I began Rheingold about 2 years ago and for some reason - she fell by the wayside. I absolutely love this design by Jade Starmore and the Hebridean 2 ply is wonderful. Looks like Rhinie will be the resurrected UFO for 2007. This one's for you Anmiryam! At any rate, I swiped the needle out from under Rheingold to do the front of the skirt and I figure if I get back at it with gusto, it should finish up quickly. Famous last words. I want to wear Rheingold at Rhinebeck. There's a Dr. Seuss story in there somewhere.

Front burner project now is Poppy. I completed the first sleeve and decided to sew it in and try it on to ensure that my alterations to shorten it were acceptable. I'm pleased to report that the sleeve is perfecto! I'm also very excited after trying it on with the one sleeve. It's going to fit perfectly and I'm really pleased with the colours.

I did find a really cool site in the UK with amazing sock yarn. It's called Piece of Beauty Yarn Store and this colourway is the very "Zenlike" Robe and Bowl. Isn't it pretty? I think I'll make the Rozas socks from the new IK.

Dr. Stephannie jokes that she's working on time shifting and parallel universe strategies to get us all more knitting time . I'm cheering her on from the sidelines. I may just have to take that girl some wine to facilitate the research!


Jessica said...

All your projects look great. The new sock yarn is *so* dang pretty. I love it. Very much. :)

Dr. Steph said...

Poppy looks amazing and so does Rhinegold.

And, with enough wine I am sure to make some progress. Even if I don't actually fold time and space, I will *believe* I did.

Yarn It said...

I love the skirt. It looks great! I guess I will need to make it now. It is too pretty to pass up.

vanessa said...

yum yum! what would you say the thickness of the robe and bowl yarn is?

anmiryam said...

Sold, I love the golden browns and mossy looking greens/tans. Rheingold is now on the list. Officially. For 2012.