Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Hard Days Night

I'm off to the Okanagan Wine Festival so, lots of pictures next week. Yeah, I's a dirty job and I'm glad I get to do it.

September has zoomed by and I hope my knitting and I will have more quality time in October. Here's a quick update on what I have accomplished lately.

Autumn Rose is progressing a bit up the sleeve. This is an amazing knit and I highly recommend it. The colours are lovely.

I tried my hand at crock pot dying and used Louet Bush Blend dyes. Here are the results on some Corriedale I got at the 5 Counties Fair. I used Aster, Cypress and Peppermint and the effect is simply "Monet-like". I'm so pleased.

I'll be dividing this down the middle in two parts to spin each ply in the same sequence to create a two ply yarn that hopefully keeps the colour changes in unison throughout the plying.

My Sonata and I enjoyed the autumn sun yesterday and I'm really please with how this is spinning up. The Corriedale simply glows.

Well - gotta run to catch a plane. I'll have lots to report next week on the wine side of things and hopefully a bit of airplane knitting too.


Denise said...

Oh my goodness, that roving is gorgeous! This is currently my favorite color combination if recent purchases from the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene are any indication. Very nice! And that's some lovely spinning too!

Your Autumn Rose is coming along quite nicely. (note to self: must order yarn for Autumn Rose...)

Romi said...

The colors in that fair isle look absolutely luminous! Lovely. :)

In wine news: it's harvest time around here and the air smells like vinegar from all of the grapes!

May said...

You are seriously dyeing fivers and spinning yarns! They are gorgeous. Autumn Rose is calling to me as well. It looks more vibrantly colored in yours than in the book. Cannot wait to see it on you!!

Unknown said...

It's gawgeus!