Sunday, November 04, 2007

Little Reminders

I have a confession to make. I don't feel guilty about having lots of WIPs and UFOs. New knitters and non knitters often ask how many projects I work on at a time or how long it will take me to finish something but I dodge the question. I figure that life is full of deadlines and obligations - my hobby is the one place I can be irresponsible. I'll pick up projects here and there depending on what I need creatively at any given moment.

Roam with Lisa Souza baby alpaca has afforded me the opportunity to learn how to purl continental. I'm finding the seed stitch very theraputic and the yarn is like butter.

Autumn Rose is the project I reach for when I want to enjoy the colour play of stranded knitting. These shades are so regal - perfect for working on whilst watching The Tudors.

Manhattan is the perfect "on the go" project. Stockinette, simple shaping and those amazing Noro colour changes. The yarn is Cashmere Island. Yeah, that's an island I want t be stranded on.

I pull out my husband's Cobble Stone pullover when I know there's another package of yarn about to arrive at the door. "See honey, I'm making you a sweater. Cast your eyes away from the fibery deliveries."

Sometimes a project will slip through the cracks. It drifts to the bottom of the knitting bag in favour of shiney new projects. The Tulip Cardigan was such a project. Often life will provide some sort of cosmic tap on the shoulder to remind us that we really need to turn a UFO into an FO.

Say hello to my new niece. A 7lb 2 oz tap on the shoulder. With that flaming red hair I'm gonna guess that she won't be accepting an of my excuses. I best get knitting.


anmiryam said...

She's lovely and you're so close on the tulip that she won't have to wait long once you get going again!

May said...

She is so cute!! Congratulations to your family! You'll be finishing the cardigan for her soon. Also, I envy you for your DH's taste in winter garments. I wish mine would like a pullover like Cobble Stone.

Dr. Steph said...

Congratulations on the new neice--she's beautiful.

I'm feeling the urge to cast on a myriad of new scarves whilst getting back to my bohus and roam. You're absolutely right about going where you want to with knitting. It's the reason I stopped designing--too much pressure for a hobby.

I started my Roam sleeves first--it's neat to see the body take shape.

Romi said...


Julie said...

Seriously, that's not a lot of UFOs. Your neice is beautiful.