Sunday, March 23, 2008

Motherhood . Necessity . Invention
I both love and hate knitting for infants. On the positive side of the equation - projects are small and often deliciously cute. On the negative side; the clock ticks loud and fast. The Tulip Sweater by Dream in Colour is this year's Baby Surprise. It's all over the Net and while I'd not want to spend the money on a baby I barely knew, my new niece deserved every stitch. I cast on during the third trimester and last week gave myself a kick in the butt to get it done. She's just turning six months and this is a six month size. Imagine my angst when I realized that I wouldn't have enough of the turquoise to finish the I cord neckline.

I did get the kit from Lettuce Knit and in their defense, all other shades were well provided for so, my guess is that I've misplaced one small ball of the turquoise shade. I did rummage through the knitting bags to see if I could locate the missing yarn but St. Anthony (supposed patron of all lost items) just wasn't tuned into my case. I quickly determined that since the baby is growing by the second and since I'd frittered away all of my wriggle room by pushing this to the last minute - putting this project on ice to find the missing yarn wasn't the most prudent decision. I could probably have borrowed, begged or stolen a small amount from a knitting comrade but we'd still have transit time for the yarn or for me to get said yarn. I decided that necessity would be the motherhood of invention. I surveyed the remaining colours and while I probably could have squeaked out the I cord ties and neckline out of one of the colours; I decided to have a bit of fun.

I've been wearing this knitted bracelet given to everyone in the class Kathryn Alexander taught at Madrona. I love the happy colours and have been wondering what a multi coloured I cord would look like as a finish. I wasn't entirely sure how to make one but a quick peek at Nicky Epstein's embellishment book confirmed that you simply cast on the required stitches with the first shade then immediately join in the second shade to complete the first row. After that, you just alternate rows. LK had subbed Wisterious for the Pink Shade when I bought the kit and I liked the royal purple and the Wisterous together and quite frankly, they had the most left overs so it was a no brainer.

Voila - here are the results and I'm quite pleased. While the turquoise (as prescribed in the pattern) is great to anchor the busy colour transitions of the main design, I do like the whimsy of the bi coloured neckline. I don't think it competes with the main design too much.

Now I must get my butt over to see my niece and deliver the jacket. Chalk this one up to motherhood making it necessary to be inventive.


Nancy said...

I also ordered a tulip cardigan kit (from Pick Up Sticks) and was also short on the turquoise yarn. There did seem to be more of it than the other colours, but not nearly enough to do all of the edging. Oh well, I like your innovation on the neckline!

Jessica said...

Your little sweater came out beautifully. Very clever fix for your yarn shortage. It suits the pattern very well and now yours doesn't look like anyone else's.

Jacqui said...

lovely. simply lovely!

Ann said...

Nice catch! And beautiful sweater.

Adrianne said...

Your sweater came out lovely!

Rose said...

It's beautiful! The neckline looks perfect. Thanks for sharing.