Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Knitting Narcisism

This post will be a brief one because I'm preparing to leave for B.C. early Friday morning. I have of course packed every project I own barely leaving room for a tooth brush. I seem to envision finishing them all. I'm converting Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Workshop video to my iPod using PQ DVD to iPod so I can take advantage of quiet time on the plane to truly enjoy seeing this for the first time. This is a great program to convert your DVDs to an iTunes friendly format. I may just take along one of her books to complement the video.

I have been working away on Evie and this is a front-burner project! I'm dying to wear it this fall. I'm also eager to see the new Rowan-Kim Hargreaves colours in person (instead of tiny swatches). There are some lovely felted tweed shades she's developed and a couple of books rumoured.

I'll write a proper review of Rowan 44 when I have more time but for now I'm plugging away on my Diamond Fantasy shawl. Here's where I'm at so far. I'm really pleased with how the clear beads are sparkling like diamonds in the centre of the diamond design. This will be entered into the Five Counties guild display in September. With August being almost here, I'd better get knitting. I must admit - the fact that this is yarn I spun myself means that I'm drawn to it more than many other projects right now. Even though it's still not technically perfect yarn (being over spun in many spots) - the fact that I made the yarn makes me a wee bit fonder of the project. I guess it's my ego showing. Heaven help me if I'd actually shorn the sheep!

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vanessa said...

michelle, your diamond fantasy is a jewel!
have fun on vacation.