Monday, September 01, 2008

Cast your eyes away from the shiny new projects

Thanks so much for all of your kind comments about Echo. We're still adjusting to her absence and keeping busy with preparations for the new school year. I always think of September as the real new year anyway. It's also a very busy month in the fibre world with several fairs and events to attend. As the September 20th 5 Counties event looms (pardon the pun), I'm slogging through the third period of Diamond Fantasy. It'll be touch and go as to whether or not I have to spin more yarn but I'm on the eighth repeat with two more to go until the end. I've enjoyed the shetland/silk blend so much that I'm going to get more to hopefully spin a sweater's worth. This year Michele has blended the natural shetland with the copper shots of silk and Pygora. Pygora is a goat which is a Pygmy and Angora cross. The roving is super soft with a bit of an angora halo but not much memory. The Shetland gives the bounce - the Pygora gives the halo. I understand that Spin-Off will be featuring Pygora in their Fall issue so perhaps this is the new "in fibre"?
Michele Ginty from Hopeful Shetlands sent me a sample which I spun and chain plied into a 3 ply yarn. Here's the little sample I spun - much softer and whiter than the blend I'm using for the shawl. I'm scooping 2.5 lbs to get a sweater's worth. I calculated this by weighing the small sample I had then measuring its length. I then compared it to similar commercial yarns of similar gauge so I'm pretty sure I'm in the ball park.
Now that the end is in sight for the shawl - I can think about fall projects. After lace weight natural yarn - I'm jonesing for some colour. I've got the Yorshire Tweed Aran in Claret and the Kaffe colourscape in ghost to make Lantern from the new fall VK. It's a nice chunky weight so hopefully it'll be a fast knit.

Also from the new VK is the lovely Greenland by Robin Melanson. The BSA Melange is a bit spendy and I figure Lisa Souza's Baby Alpaca Silk will sub beautifully. I debated over colour choice but in the end got the mother of pearl colourway. At first glance it looks alabaster but there is a definite light wash of pinks, turquoise, and orange. It's so subtle - you think you're imagining it.

No use drooling over projects that'll have to wait until I'm done the DFS.
Guess I'd better get back to the shawl...are we there yet?

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