Sunday, November 09, 2008

Roam wasn't Knit in a Day

I've been focusing on making as much progress as possible on Roam. For those keeping score, I'm using Lisa Souza's Baby Alpaca Silk in the Mohogany colourway. Sometimes I wonder if blog readers get bored seeing a fairly simple knit progress. After all, this is seed stitch with a simple slip stitch design running up the front. The yarn is perfect for this design since I really believe it needs to be very drapey and hug the body to show off the shaping. This yarn has subtle shots of cobalt blue through it so I'm thinking a nice fancy blue zipper will finish it nicely. Hopefully the sleeves go quickly.

As you'll recall, I had to frog back the right front due to "gaugicus loosikus". The re knit went quickly and I've now completed the back and both front pieces. Everything matches and now it's time for the sleeves and hood. I've never done a hood before and I'll admit that it seems as though every designer is including hoods on their latest offerings. Riding to Avalon, Cassidy and The Basic Chic Hoodie are all on my "to do list" but by the time I get around to knitting them, I fear that the "Gangsta Chic" look will be passe. After all, these hoods will likely never be used (in my situation) so they're more fashion statement then functional. I do however really like the way they look on the designs.

I did purchase a little cardigan in the spring that included a hood that zips on under a small collar so when hoods are out - it still works. Maybe for some of these other designs that are less sporty than Roam a detachable hood is a possibility? If anyone's seen this done by another knitter - do share please!

Who knows, maybe the whole hood thing will stay in fashion. After all, it masks a bad hair day.


vanessa said...

i don't have to worry about hoods going out of fashion, i'm too old ;-)

theresa said...

If you find that you're not crazy about the hood, you could stop knitting (or frog) and turn it into a wide, cosy collar.