Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Looming Crisis


Where the hell am I going to find room for a loom?

For those just joining us - I've been holding up the crucifix and garlic for several years now when it comes to the thought of weaving. I've been spinning for two years now and while spinning does require equipment - it's still somewhat portable which is why I like knitting.

Last September, I won a prize at the Five Counties Guild competition. It was a weaving shuttle. A beautiful rosewood hand carved shuttle by a wood worker in the Kitchener-Waterloo area named David Bell. Now I'm a sucker for beautiful wood so I started to think about weaving. As a member of the local weavers and spinners guild, I had access to alot of "bench strength" (all puns intended).

I signed up for an intro lesson last Monday. My teacher is a retired high school teacher so I'm in good hands. She let me wind some bobbins and then using her Gilmore loom I made 3 samplers just to see what it was like. My teacher had warped the loom already so it was easy. Here are some shots of my weaving attempts. You can see on the first section how my ends weren't very tight so it flares out a bit. Of course, now I'm hooked and beginning to ponder which loom would be best for me. I usually get tools that grow with me from the get-go. Since I've no extra space in this house, a loom that folds is a must. I'm thinking about 26" is the way to go. If I do anything wider, the guild looms are available.

I've been scoping out the Schacht Baby Wolf and the Louet Jane. I'm not familiar with the terminology enough to read the specs and understand them. If anyone has any bias one way or the other - I'm all ears.

Here are some shuttle glamour shots taken by my husband who's playing with his Nikon D80 I gave him for Christmas.

Here are some great night shots he took down by Niagara Falls. I love the one that shows the colours lights on the horseshoe falls.

Lastly - here's a shot of Phoebe. Yes, Flatcoats are a goofy breed - that's why they fit in well with our family.


Jessica said...

Isabella loves to sleep sprawled on her back like that too. In fact, she like to lie on her back and dangle a toy down to chew on.

Anonymous said...


Go for a Baby Wolf. The Jane is really a table loom on a stand. OK for workshops...not fun in the longer term.

Baby Wolf looms are well made, easy to use, fold nicely, have some good accessories and are a versatile width. Go for 8 shafts if you can. Schact makes a great product as you know from your exposure to your Matchless wheel. They will stand behind their product.

These looms are a bit pricey but they are popular. A used one is a good investment if you can find one. If you tire of weaving, you will never have a problem selling it.

Good luck!
Cheryl from Creemore

Susie Hewer said...

Oooh, ooooh, I'm getting jealous as weaving is on my list of "things I must get round to one day"! I've got a couple of books about it but probably need to go on a course to make me get started. I shall watch your progress with great interest.