Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Bad Seed

I'm thisclose to completing the main pieces of Roam. All that's left is the assembly, hood and finishing. I say "all" but we know that finishing can take as long as the darn knitting does. Psychologically however, it feels like the home stretch.

Imagine my chagrin (just cause I like saying chagrin) when I casually glanced at my knitting today as I was waiting for Sundance to finish his marital arts class and noticed THIS! If you look at the knitting beside the green lobster claw you'll see "where knitting attacked" (credit Knitmore Girls). For about 8 stitches I wasn't in seed mode - I was in rib mode. NUTS! That was a good 5 inches ago. I briefly considered dropping down the 8 stitches to reset them one by one but picking up seed stitch again appeals to me about as much as knitting more seed stitch does right now.

This yarn is Lisa Souza hand paint Mahogany colourway in Baby Alpaca Silk. I've been alternating skeins to ensure there's no pooling. I went to one skein only about the time this boo boo happened because I want to blend on the hood too and I'm concerned I won't have enough of the second skein left. I did get some pooling I wasn't pleased with so ripping back will allow me to mix again. I'll simply divide the last skein in half and alternated from either end.

There - if you have two good reasons to rip back it's not so bad...right?



Julie said...

I think you made the right decision to rip out and not drop down-you will always know where you dropped the stitches.

vanessa said...

i hate it when that happens!!!!!