Monday, July 06, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole

I have an FO to announce! My first woven article (a scarf) is complete. As I blogged about earlier, this was a project that I completely underestimated. I thought it looked easy but in fact, it was a multicoloured, multi-fibre warp with fairly complex tie-ups and treadling. I just really liked the picture and since I've developed an affection for Tolani scarves, I'm all about trying to create my own similar effect.

Project Name: Turned M's and O's Scarf
Designer: Emilie Pritchard
Source: Handwoven Magazine November/December 2004 issue
Materials: 8/2 mercerized cotton black, teal and tan, chenille in natural, warp
10/2 pearl cotton white for the weft.
From: Camilla Valley

I ended up cutting off the first 20 inches I wove because I was missing a few threads from one of the sections and it was thinner than the rest. I still had the threads hanging off the back of the loom so I was able to do some re-threading and tie on again to get the pattern correct.

I had a brief heart attack when after cutting off the erroneous piece I realized that "loom waste" included tieing on and getting started again but fortunately, my guild mentor who helped me measure the warp had given me an extra yard or so. Whew - lesson learned.

The true beauty of the piece comes when you wash it and those straight panels of pattern shift around and make the oval shapes. The fabric really softened up too.

I admit it - I'm smitten with this new hobby. I'm so glad I got the 8 shaft Baby Wolf too!

I wrote to Schacht to ask a technical question last week and gushed at how much I was enjoying the loom.

They wrote back a lovely explanation to my question with the following opening line

"Welcome weaver!"


Jessica said...

Your new scarf is really pretty!

Marcia said...

I love the scarf! I don't ever intend to get that deep into weaving, but I really would like to get the ambition up to warp the rigid heddle loom for a summer project. Maybe this is the push I need! (Question, hubby wants to know the 2007 Peller wine you said was so spectacular. He has a friend who goes to Toronto periodically and wants some!)

Emilie said...

Michelle--The scarf looks great! and you're right, it's a handful for a first project. I'm so glad I've been an inspiration. Emilie

Cheryl from Creemore said...

Bravo Michelle! Your scarf is amazing and I'm so glad you decided on the Baby Wolf. "Welcome Weaver" --that would be you! Congrats.

Melanie said...

That's a gorgeous scarf!!! Cheers to a very, very nicely done first weaving project!