Monday, September 07, 2009

No Pressure

If this were a baseball game, it would be the top of the ninth with the game tied. I have 12 days (actually 11 since we can't count the day of the fair) to finish Bijou. The theme is friendship and collaboration. The project - Bijou by Marnie McClean using my handspun in an indigo blue merino/tencel roving from Tactile Fiber Arts and my friend's handspun in a handpaint. The event is the Five Counties Guild competition coming up in a couple of weeks.

The lace section was a bugger but once I got it through my thick skull, it went quickly. The star pattern gives quite a bit of coverage so it won't be as sheer as I thought it would. Just two sleeves, a bit of crochet finish around the neck, some buttons and she'll be ready for the competition. This is one pretty pattern!

Here is Judy modeling Bijou in process.

Judy has a great body so the brilliant shaping Marnie's incorporated into this design really show well on the dress form.

I'm also a short-row shoulder convert after seeing how nicely these worked up.

I know I've squawked frequently about the cost of the Twist patterns but they are very detailed and well worth the money. (There - I've said it).

After Bijou, Cobblestone and Roam are on deck for finishing so stay tuned for an "FOpalooza"

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vanessa said...

michelle, wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!
i love the two yarns together!!!

and i admire you deeply for entering these contests.