Friday, August 25, 2006

From Spirit into Matter

I remember taking a seminar about 8 years ago with Louisa Harding where the conversation turned to sweater finishing. We were discussing how some knitters will knit all pieces to a garment and then never put it together. Lousia mentioned that she couldn't understand how someone could put so much work into a project only to not see it through to completion. I see her point but on the other hand, I can relate to the angst of finally assembling something. You see, as long as it's a WIP - it still has the potential to turn out perfectly. Once it's a FO, all bets are off. On that note, I introduce you to Ava. Ava is my current "FO in waiting". I've completed the knitting of all sleeves, fronts and back. Now, I've only to assemble and knit the button bands.

All preliminary indications are that this sweater will be a winner. The pieces measure to spec. and have blocked beautifully. Ironically, this is a Louisa Harding design from Rowan #34 made from Wool and Cotton in a lovely chocolate brown called "coffee rich". Here's a picture of the two fronts after blocking. Everything seems to match and measures exactly to the size I'd targeted.

It's my intention to substitute the brown, yarn lace through the front with a bright aqua leather lace decorated with co-ordinating beads. Here's a shot of the two sleeves pre-blocking with the lacing and beads to show the (hopeful) effect.

All has dried and now there's only me, my darning needle and two rows of garter stitch to get this puppy to the finish line. I will finish Ava but I'm not rushing to do so. I'm not quite sure if it's about savouring the completion or being frightened that the end result won't meet my expectations. Either way, we'll all be finding out which it is soon - this weekend, there will be some finishing round these parts!

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