Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Masterworks

Musical compositions that stand the test of time and become benchmarks for other pieces are known as "masterworks" in the symphony world. I'm always intrigued by the biographies of the various composers. Some were flashy and popular in their life times and others have grown in reputation over centuries as people have begun to appreciate their talent. I've come to see Mr. Martin Storey as one of those "quiet masters" of the knitting world. I've always admired his work but it rarely inspired a "gotta have it" moment for me......until now. Maybe I've changed, maybe he's changed but all of a sudden I'm really liking RYC designs. Today I went for my dose of "retail therapy" to my LYS The Needle Emporium. Julie had just come in with the new Rowan yarns and RYC books. I had seen this book on line and couldn't wait to get a closer look. It's definately a winner in my estimation. Classic Style features RYCs new Silk Wool DK in delicious colours. The yarn glows with the silk yet seems to be a nice bouyant consistency. This is one of those books that has many designs that appeal to me but my personal favourite is this lovely cardigan called "Charm"

I just love its simplicity, elegance and most of all the colour which is porcelain (I'm a sucker for teals and aquas). This is contemporary yet vintage all at the same time. I imagine that the trailing leaf and vine design would be just enough to add a little intrigue yet keep it simple. The back of the sweater is equally stunning. This would be a firm favourite and an enjoyable knit from start to finish.

Though I do adore this colour - there is an amazing royal purple that would be beautiful.

I was half way out the door when Julie ponted out a nice bag of RYC Alpaca DK in the colour "zinc". Zinc is a sagey/ aqua colour - rich but muted. It also happens to be the prescribed yarn for one of the designs in this new RYC book that I fell in love with.

Don't you just love the cute little Alpacas on the cover? The RYC Alpaca DK is "TDF" soft as well and comes in subtle lovely colours. The design that's calling to me is named "Evergreen".

The front and back are knit back and forth with beads scattered all over. When it comes time to knit the yoke - they're joined and knit in the round using soft neutral tones with a hint of colour. It's stunning!!! I resisted buying the book but boy oh boy if it weren't for the looming vet bill for my cherished dog's ACL surgery - I'd be leafing through it now.

So what wine does one pair with a Martin Storey design. I would suggest an elegant Riesling. The crisp simplicity of a good Riesling leaves no where to hide if the winemaking isn't just right - much like these designs. A little sweet - a little tangy and much underappreciated.

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Hope said...

Nice designs. I have to get those books. My dog had ACL surgery too. Good luck.