Thursday, September 07, 2006

3 Times a Lady

I've always liked Louisa Harding. I like her understated yet trendy design sense and on the two or 3 occasions that I've met her in person at a seminar or show - she's been lovely. I was really rooting for her when she left Rowan and launched her own line of yarn. I will admit I was a bit disappointed to see the plethora of ribbon in her line up. I do not like knitting with ribbon. As a trim perhaps but not the whole thing. I've tried it several times and I just can't stay with it.

I did purchase both of her books from last Fall and even the yarn to make this design from one of her first books. It's called Cecile and the "drop stitch / cable work" you can barely see on the shoulder sold me. I actually started the sleeve right after Stitches (at the Philly airport no less) last year. This is how far I got. I just really struggle with the way the colour pooled and I wished there were more subtle colourways. Her Spring and Summer collections were pretty but nothing that "had" to come and live in my stash. Then - a few days ago, that all changed.

I received my new Ram Wools catalog and noticed some lovely patterns featured from Ms. Harding's 3 new books. A little "Googlestalking" later and I found the images on line. I must say, I was blown away and ordered one of them to check it out more closely.
Today, the postman delivered this to me. It's called Winter's Muse Portraits. It's part of a series of books built around the muse theme.

This is one of the most beautifully photographed knitting books I've seen in a long time. It's a winner because there are about 4 patterns at least I'd love to make. I'm thrilled to see soft, feminine shades of both the Kimono Angora and ribbon yarns. This lovely bolero jacket uses a soft pink variegated angora with rice coloured ribbon trim. It's so pretty and the yarn appears to be reasonably priced.

I also love this next bolero jacket and it took a couple of viewings before I realized that the arms are done in the Kimono ribbon for the first third ending in the angora for the balance of the arm. Same shade - just different textures and I love the lacy effect. I'm torn between these two as to which is my favourite.

Last but not least, this sassy little pull over in coral pink and bright raspberry appears to be feminine yet comfortable. I bet it's a fun knit too. I'm trying to show restraint in spite of my love for these designs. Organizing the stash over the Labour Day weekend was a sobering experience. (Remind me not to sober up next time).

My only advice to Ms. Harding would be to keep her website up to date. Knitters like to ogle on line and her website still has the summer collection featured. So what wine would I pair with this book? Why a floral, light Chenin Blanc of course. Elegant, romantic and very classy.

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Romi said...

Mmmmm. I saw those in the catalog, as well. I really like the Dijon sweater.