Saturday, September 09, 2006


This is my dog Echo. She's a Flat Coated Retriever. This is how she looks these days.

When the neighbours ask what happened, my husband tells them that I've gone way overboard on my spinning hobby and that nobody is safe from the shearing clippers.

Actually, she's just had ACL surgery. She's 9 and during a walk a few weeks ago, her leg went out from under her. Hopefully, this will do the trick. The vet bill could have funded that Kid Silk ball gown in Rowan #40!

I did have quite an enjoyable day at the Kitchener Waterloo Knitter's Fair. They had record crowds this year. As of 1:00 pm apparently they had 1,600 people. I had taken a certain amount of cash to spend on goodies. I must say this time I was much more spinning focused than knitting. There were more spinning vendors there than before and I tried to buy things that normally I wouldn't get elsewhere. For starters, I scooped this amazing Tom Forrester spindle. It's made of Black Walnut whirl and a Rock Maple spindle. Not only are Tom Forrester's spindles beautiful, they spin better than anything else. Yes - than anything! These babies go forever and the balance is perfect. The roving it's sitting on was purchased at the Black Lamb booth. I'm working with the same roving on my Schacht wheel and it's a delight to work with. She makes up these batts herself.

I picked up a Fiddlesticks "Paisley Long Shawl" pattern but resisted getting the yarn to make it right this minute. It calls for Zephyr Merino Silk and I do adore the lovely royal purple colour. I want to do Print 'O the Wave first out of some Hand Maiden Sea Silk I already have.

I also got the new Fall Phildar. There are a couple of patterns that dazzle. This cardigan in particular jumped out at me. The floral motifs kind of remind me of that cardigan in Rowan #39 but the ruffles and the cables really set this off. I may even make it from stash. I have some Jo Sharp SilkRoad Aran that might just fit the bill. It's a lovely cream colour.

I also got some blocking rods since I've always wanted to try them and I also got my first set of carders. They're the paddle type by Ashford. You see, looking at this naked dog has me thinking what a lovely yarn I could make if I carded a bit of her hair with some wool. It would be a way to immortalize her forever. I've read a tutorial or two but this is something I'll have to give some serious thought. Which brings me to my last purchase for the day.

I got this T-shirt at a booth run by Sheep Strings. On the back it says "Find your way at Sheep Strings". Gotta love a good logo.

Oh, and the wine for today. Well let's just say I got home, put up my feet and poured a nice robust Merlot. All in all - the perfect way to spend a Saturday.

I'm away on business this week so we'll it'll be quiet here for a few days. Cheers!


vanessa said...

so this is where you are hiding!~ i LOVE your new blog :-)

Michelle B said...

Yep - over here talking mostly to myself ;.