Saturday, October 07, 2006

Skirting the Issue

It's Saturday night and I should be writing two articles that are due soon. I write to make extra money to buy yarn. I rarely have time to knit because I'm busy writing...However yarn-buying on line, oh yeah baby that's easy to sneak in between paragraphs.

Though Ava has been my front burner project, I did manage to fall in love with and cast on for this little number last Spring. It's made from Koigu PPM pink, wheat (cream)and white. I love working on this project because it's a bit of a sampler where patterns change up and give some variety and also because "hey - it's Koigu. Nuff said."

Here's a shot of the skirt in the day light just shy of finishing the biased lace part. The pattern really twists to the left but that all gets hidden when it's assembled. I'm now zipping along on the top part which is straight stockinette and decreasing so hopefully the front will be done soon. Prior to assembling the front and the back, I'll weave in cream coloured ribbon on the upper lace part and use the white to embroider flowers and outline the cream bands.

Here's another shot taken outside on the grass and a bit more straight on.

Popular theory seems to be that knitted skirts are a "no-win proposition". They supposedly stretch and bag. I tried on a beautiful crochet ready-made skirt last spring by Nanette Lepore (selling to the tune of $385) and was hooked on the idea of knitting and or crocheting a skirt. I didn't buy the Nanette Lepore skirt but did stash up to make this adorable crochet skirt. It's by Doris Chan from the Fall KnitScene. Ms. Chan has a book about crochet coming out this Fall called "Amazing Lace" that I'm intrigued to see. I did actually get the exact yarn as specified (on sale no less) at Romni wools. It's
Muench Sir Galli (100 % silk; 104 yd (95 m)/ 50 g): #4907 beige rose, 6 (7, 8, 9, 10) balls. This yarn has been discontinued but my guess is that Rowan Summer Tweed would make a great sub.

In the meantime, I'll bond with my Koigu in front of Grey's Anatomy. I'm so glad Dr. McSteamy is back. Personally, I'm rooting for Addison to grab the brass ring. I actually bought season 2 on DVD to get my fix all week long. The podcast by the producers of the show is awesome too. There's even a Greys Anatomy Knitalong to knit something gray while following the show.

Happy Thanksgiving here in Canada. I'll be having Andrew Peller Signature Series Sur Lie Chardonnay with my turkey. The wine is aged resting on its "lies"(pronounced lees) which makes it taste like taking a big bite into a warm slice of bread with butter. Yeasty and buttery. Perfect with stuffing.

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Anonymous said...

That skirt is gorgeous. While I haven't worn a knit skirt since the 80s (and it was a machine knit one) I don't have this big fear about the stretchy part. I think Koigu will be perfect--the stuff is so hard to block, I bet it'll keep it's shape perfectly.

Can't wait to see it on you.