Monday, January 01, 2007

Should Old Yarn Stashes Be Forgot.....

I happen to adore making resolutions. It's my favourite part of New Years. While my list for 2007 sports the usual goals (lose 5 lbs....find world peace), I do have a few knitting related goals that I'd like to focus upon in the upcoming year.

#1: More small projects

My husband flies RC planes and I whipped off a pair of fingerless Fetching mittens in no time flat. I promised myself I'd have them done by 2007 since the annual "Frozen Finger Fun Fly" is always New Year's Day. I wove in the last end 23 seconds before the ball dropped. These were fun and I left off the picot finish and altered them to better fit man-sized hands. It was a reminder that small projects like socks, hats and scarves can give just as much a rush and still provide the thrill of the finish.

#2: Get back to cables

Just doing the few quick cables on the Fetching Mittens has reminded me of how much I enjoy cables. I loved every minute of Inishmore and I need to embark upon a big fat hairy cabled project. I love the looks of this design from the upcoming Winter 2007 Vogue. It's by Nora Gaughan and I adore it. It calls for Aran weight merino yarn. Hmmm, maybe my stashed Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in Alabaster will do the trick?

#3: Get a dress form

I often wish that I could fit my projects as they are being made. If I had a good quality dress form - this may help considerably.

#4: More Noro

Gee aren't resolutions supposed to be challenges? I've stashed a lot of Noro in my day and finally a little birdie (aka and she knits too) told me to get over it and unleash it from the stash. I quickly cast on for Poppy and I'm thoroughly enjoying the bottom part made of Cash Iroha. Here's my progress on the bottom so far. I had a lovely day last Friday at Lettuce Knit in Toronto and I had an opportunity to see Steph's Poppy done in amazing olive tones. Stay tuned for her finished sweater - it's going to be stunning!

#5: Experiment with different fibres and "indie-designers".

Time Magazine says the person of the year is us. This is because the Internet has allowed all of us to pull up the old orange crate and grab our 15 minutes of fame. This means independent designers now have a wonderful forum. I'm really loving designs by people like Bonne Marie and Stitch Diva. I've also started to buy my roving at interesting places. Here's some new roving I got from Scout's Swag in a cool colourway called "Strange Days. It appears to be a mix of breeds but is 100% wool.

I also resolve to become adept at the chained singles method of plying to try and preserve the colour transitions.

#6: Knit with my hand spun

Now that I'm actually producing yarn that's usable, it's time to start working with the stuff. My true goal is to make lace weight yarn but in the mean time, I'll start with the easy stuff. I just downloaded a great cabled hat pattern from Jenna at the Girl from Auntie. She is the Jenna of the Rogue design that has taken the world by storm. This hat pattern can be easily altered to match whatever gauge yarn you're working with and it's a really pretty hat. Perfect for hand spun that can be a bit unpredictable still.

#7: Make time for knitting

I love knitting so much that some times I feel guilty when I take the time to do it. I need to look at it as a necessary appointment with myself and tune out all the other chores that pull me away. I need to set aside one night a week to not go on the computer (where I become a yarn voyeur) and simply sit and knit. I think Wednesdays will do.

#8: Release one more UFO:

I did do this in 2006. Ava went from being one sleeve and a pile of dreams to a completed cardigan. I'm liking Rheingold by Jade Starmore or Winter Flower by Kim Hargreaves as possible contenders for the next UFO resurrection. Here are the sleeves and here's what Winter Flower would look like. I have tried on a sample of it and it's beautiful!
Well, there you have it. My personal knitting resolutions for 2007. You'll notice I didn't say anything about knitting from my stash or not buying yarn...I fear public humiliation *when* I break those resolutions so, I'll pass. I do intend to de stash a bit by selling off those things I no longer want to make. The problem with that approach is that apparently, I never met a project I didn't like.
By the way, I recommend ringing in the New Year with Peller Estate Founder's Series Ice Cuvee. It's a sparkling wine with a dosage of Ice Wine - delicious and perhaps part of why I have such fond memories of the Fetching mittens!


Robin said...

Sounds like some great resolutions. I love your new roving from Scout's Swag! Happy New Year to you - all the best for 2007.

Stephannie said...

I like how you think. Those are good realistic goals.

And, so beautiful pieces of knitting.