Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Few of my Favourite Things

Each spring and fall I celebrate the new Rowan magazine by visitng the Needle Emporium to buy my issue and then by curling up in my favourite leather chair with a glass of wine, usually devouring the issue page by page. I choose a good wine - something befitting the occasion. This year's pick was a beautiful B.C. Syrah - 2004 Peller Estates. I usually get a peek at the new issues on line like most people. I think we all agree however that it's very difficult to truly see the detail on the designs from small images on a computer - you have to see the book. As I went through the Spring 2007 Rowan I was thrilled to see that they'd managed to produce a very wearable, knitable collection that was pretty yet not too matronly or boring. Quite frankly - there wasn't much I didn't like but here are my top picks from the new issue:

Number 1: Maritime by Sarah Dallas

I didn't really look twice at this design when I saw the small image. Upon closer inspection when I got the book, I noticed that the bottom ribbing, button bands, collar and cuffs are knit in pretty pastel shades of Cotton Glace in pink, pale blue and lavender. The main stripe is a deep blue and white combo. The dainty ribbon adds just the right touch. I'd love to see this one knit up.

Number 2: Lydia by Sarah Dallas

3 words - Kid Silk Haze. This is so pretty and I love the way it ties in at the front. I might make the ties just a tad shorter if I were to knit this one. The new colours of Kid Silk Haze are lovely and there is a nice aqua colour that I like.

Number 3: Henley by Martin Storey

Yummm...Calmer in driftwood and a nice french blue. This would be a great all year round sweater. Calmer is almost as addictive as Kid Silk Haze and I did say that I wanted to do more cabled projects when I made my knitting resolutions.

Number 4: Bonita by Sarah Hatton

I love the back detail with the medallion. This is a definite possibility but I'll wait to see the yarn.

Number 5: Lords and Ladies

Again- Kid Silk Haze. This shade is called ice cream. Yarn with food that's just playing dirty. Very feminine and looks to be very wearable.

Number 6: Wisteria Skirt

I'm really loving the knit skirt trend. This one uses short rows and is made of Cotton Glace. I'm still finishing the Vogue Koigu pink skirt so I'm not sure this would be a priority project but I'd love to see it made by someone.

Number 7: Peony

This was the first image I saw from the magazine. I love it and assuming the new Damask yarn is nice - augmenting with kid silk haze puts the icing on the cake for sure. I wonder if the floral embellishments are a tad too large or if it's too young looking? Very pretty though.

Number 8: Suzani Wrap

Vintage Kaffe in Summer Tweed. I love this colourway and it would make an amazing blanket. I do need to get my Morocco completed first before I even consider something like this.

So, there you have it. My top picks... for today anyway. The next phase of any issue is usually to see what Knit Alongs are created and which designs are made and modeled by real people. Often, a design I've not looked twice at takes on a whole new dimension. Or - maybe it's just the Syrah talking.


vanessa said...

thanks for the review, i can't wait to get my hands on it!

Stephannie said...

I love lydia and lords and ladies. thanks for the preview, it looks like they've got their act together and made a nice magazine.