Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ta da

At 11:57 pm last night, the final end was woven in and Poppy joined the elite (and I use the term elite to imply something rare and scarce in these parts) group of knitting FOs that live at my house. Here she is done and dusted awaiting her debut.

When I modeled Poppy for my husband, he grinned and exclaimed "Wow - that's hot!". Perhaps he was referring to the weather forecast for today or he was momentarily channeling Paris Hilton but heck, my sweaters will take their compliments any way they can. We went out to enjoy the lovely spring evening and took some outdoor shots of Poppy.

And because knitters want to see all the gory details, here is the back.

The specifics of the Project are as follows:

Design: Poppy from Yarnplay by Lisa Siobhana Mason.
Yarn: Noro Cash Iroha in shade #103 violet and Noro Silk Garden in shade #224
Size: made: 36"
Needles: 5mm Addi Turbos (que light sabre sound effects courtesy of Brenda Dayne)
Modifications: shortened armhole to ensure join between yoke and body hit above the bust and shortened arms by decreasing every 7th row.

A great fun knit overall. I enjoyed every stitch. The bottom was fun to do free form I just winged it and it worked out fine. The crochet edgings were new for me and I had to refer to a couple of resources to make sure I knew what to do but in the end, Lisa's explanation in the back of the book was perfect. Noro is amazing yarn to work with and I'm really pleased with this colourway. If you're considering this project - go for it.

Not only does my husband approve of Noro (good taste - that's why I married him), he went to the Needle Emporium and treated me to this amazing knitting bag by Offhand designs for my birthday. Of course, a bag like this deserves only luxury yarn! Right? Do ya think I'm in a violet phase?


Dr. Steph said...

Hot sweater there M!

I love the colours. And I love that bag! I've been lusting after the same one in brown.

Happy Birthday

vanessa said...

and the bag matches :-)

happy bithday!

Romi said...

Wow! That looks great! And happy birthday. :)

May said...

Love the lilac colors. You look gorgeous in it!! I am so glad to find your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Poppy is gorgeous! Well done!
I like the bag too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! Great job, and I love the color.

Unknown said...

The sweater is gorgeous on you. And I LOVE the bag. Does Rob know when MY birthday is???

Ann said...


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful! Such a nice color on you too.

Anonymous said...

Absolute perfection. You look fantastic!

Julie said...

The sweater looks great! It always feels good to get one completed.

Ann said...
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