Friday, July 27, 2007

The Bee's Knees
I'm a self-confessed Joanie come lately to the lace knitting game. I don't have many occasions to wear shawls since I pretty much have a low profile - "living in the slow lane" life style. I am working on Icarus but that's stalled since I find the pattern too boring to be a challenge but not boring enough to be a "take-along" project. I have however joined the Mystery Stole Knit Along and I am enjoying that project. I tend to knit it at night which means once I do two or 3 rows I'm usually feeling pretty tired and we all know that Olympic knitting while tired can lead to strange results (like defecting to the Russian team). Frogging lace is a PITA. My MSK3 experience however did embolden me enough to be receptive to more complicated lace projects and when Vanessa (my knitting sensei) posted her finished Bee Fields Shawl I couldn't get my name on the waiting list fast enough.

The kit arrived yesterday and although it comes in a lovely green shade as well (my usual pick for colour) I just loved the idea of a Bee inspired design made from a colour called "Buckwheat Honey". It simply glows and is quite golden in colour. This is a very soft yarn but no doubt will be a pleasure to handle. I was a bit taken aback by the eighteen page pattern but it looks as though that's to accommodate those who prefer each line to be written out. I'm a chart girl born and bred so pass me the snapshot and turn me loose. I will wait to cast on for this for a bit. I want to book some serious yardage with my MSK shawl first.

On the FO watch is the Bonsai Tunic from spring 2007 IK. The bamboo has blocked perfectly and I then was instructed to "Kitchener stitch" the two neck extensions together and then sew shoulders and attach neck pieces to back. I truly detest grafting so I said "screw it" and did a 3 needle bind off. I do not mind having a small 7 stitch seam and can only surmise this was done to eliminate any ridge rubbing at the top of the neck. I've tried the garment over my head and it won't hit any sensitive spots on me so I'm please to have avoided those gymnastics. I've pinned everything in place and I'm taking my time with this step. A nice finishing job can really make the garment and I'm pleased with how the pieces look so I want the finish to be worthy of the project.

So, if you've ordered the Bee Shawl in the buckwheat honey colourway - I recommend opening a nice buttery chardonnay to pair with it. Some Chardonnay wines have even have lovely honey tones. In fact why not have a bottle from a small winery called Twenty Bees? I think I may just do that!


marisa said...

I've been contemplating the Bee shawl all day - and you even got the color I was considering. Argh - I may have to jump on that bandwagon afterall!

vanessa said...

you will love love love knitting with the honey yarn!!!!!!!

in fact, i loved the yarn so much i ordered twice the amount and will make a baby bee blanket :-)

anmiryam said...

Michelle, you'll be perfect in that honey colored yarn. I can't wait to see how it progresses. I hope you can bring it to Rhinebeck.

Grace said...

I got a bee kit, too (but in the green colorway) and I LOVE the yarn. I finished the setup chart last night (fun!). I am also working on an icarus for my mom; I had made one for myself and she said that she wanted one, too! I love lace and cabling and want to try fair isle am a litte intimidated by it. Good luck on your Bee!