Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Devil Wears Mohair

So Vogue Knitting Magazine is turning 25. I sometimes get the impression that this magazine frustrates some knitters who don't see things they can relate to in the pages of each issue. I must admit - the Koigu Cover skirt is the first thing I've ever knitted from Vogue Knitting but my lack of Vogue inspired FOs doesn't reflect the admiration I feel for the magazine. After all, this was the publication that showed the world yes - knitting is worthy of its own magazine. This silver anniversary issue looks to be every bit as wonderful as the 20th anniversary issue was. The 20th Anniversary issue featured an ad by the yarn store Colorful Stitches. This ad displayed a piece of art so funky and perfect for me that when I found out the artist had run a limited number of the prints for sale - I purchased one and had it framed. It sits proudly in my kitchen. Hey - it's a red head knitting. Need I say more?

Vogue really knows how to celebrate a milestone. They've published a book filled with the best of their articles over the last 25 years and it's a keeper. They've also re vamped their website as well and it features a variety of cover shots. Each cover features a silver/grey design created by a well-known designer and the best part is that the patterns are available for free to download. This one by Debbie Bliss has stolen my heart. I have some ivory Blue Faced Leicester by Fleece Artist that may just be perfect for this.

This sweater is also amazing. It's by Veronik Avery and I can't wait to get a close up view of it. I'll have to see if that In Vino Veritas by Dream in Color has enough yardage to make this.

The website seems to be quite well designed and robust and they've introduced a VK podcast. On the Webs podcast, the editor mentioned that this issue will feature an interview with the "old guard" Kaffe, Meg and yes even Alice as well as the "new guard" including the Yarn Harlot, Vicki Howell and Debbie Stoller. Vogue will always be the magazine that helps me see my knitting in a new light. It's there to push the envelope - no apologies. Happy 25th! Well done.

Sound the bell for the FO alert. I'm finished with the knitting on the Bonsai Tunic from the IK Spring 2007 issue. I blocked the back first by placing the piece face down with a wet heavy towel on top. I do this on all designs with a relief pattern to them like lace knitting or cables. This way, the pattern is pushed out the bottom by the weight of the wet towels I put on top rather than being flattened. I wasn't sure how well the bamboo yarn would take the blocking but it's turned out beautifully. The stitch definition is very uniform and the lace shows nicely.

It's hard to believe that the appearance of Vogue Knitting Fall issue and even Rowan 42 for Fall are imminent. It's a sign that August is almost here and summer is nearing the half-way mark. I'm not ready to give up the lazy sunny days of summer yet but I'm always ready to dream about those beautiful fall designs.


Dr. Steph said...

While the sizing of some vogue patterns has driven me crazy in the past, I do like the magazine. I may not knit many garments, but I see the artistry they're trying to convey to knitters.

And that cover sweater is nice. It would look great on you.

Katinka said...

Have you seen the latest Interweave preview, too? All these pretty cables are wreaking havoc with my carefully planned knitting queue! :)