Sunday, December 16, 2007

Purple Ice
The good thing about a big snow system is that it's kind of nice to know that your only option for the next day is to hunker down and ride out the storm. It lets you off the hook for all of those errands you usually take care of on a Sunday. We here in the Niagara region had been really hard hit. This system has gathered lots of extra wallop whilst traveling over the Great Lakes. My lovely new Holiday urn arrangement now has about 3 inches of white stuff on it. So, it was a great opportunity to work on some projects.

I've noticed that when it comes to yarn lately - I'm particularly attracted to purple. Now, this isn't the case when it comes to buying clothes or decorating - its seems to be simply a fibre issue. Perhaps it's a yearning for balance since according to Wikipedia in United States politics, a purple state is a state equally balanced between Republicans (normally symbolized by red) and Democrats (normally symbolized as blue). Whatever the reason, I have a fiberyen for purple.

Evie is chugging along. It's one of those patterns that seems more complex than it is. Now that I see the pattern progressions - I can truly "get" the rhythm of the design. The Cashsoft 4 ply is a delight to work with but I do seem to be getting a larger gauge than prescribed on the ball band. I'll keep you posted.

Also in the purple family is a little beret from Kim Hargreaves as well. It's called Gem and it's crochet. A nice robust 6mm hook, some Kid Classic and Kid Silk Haze and it makes for a fast project. It's got beads around the brim...yumm. It's so much fun to have a little crochet on the side. It's fast and a nice complement to my other projects. I could have used this baby on my head today while shoveling the drive way!

I'm also quite taken with the new Knitty design "Ice Queen". I've obtained some Kid Silk Night (soon to be discontinued from what I hear) from Julie. It's flecked with shots of silver so along with the silver beads - it's particularly "icy". Perhaps all of this iciness is what attracted this uber storm?
If you're like me...this week it probably your crunch time coming up. Last minute gifts, cards and grocery shopping will be top of mind but when the big day comes - I plan to be firmly planted in my house with a glass of sparkling wine and my knitting and spinning projects. Ten more sleeps!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry I made a typo -- hate typos so deleted my messsge - here it is again.

We got a lot of snow up here in North Halton too! Unfortunately, I couldn't seem to settle today so didn't get any knitting done -- but I'm just about to cast on the 2nd Opal sock so that I can knit thru the Survivor finale tonight!

Enjoy the peace and isolation while you can -- I hear it's clearing up early so everyone will be back to work tomorrow - ahhhh.....shucks

Anonymous said...

I love that hat - I was just thinking that it might be nice to crochet a hat, and I have that pattern and similar yarn. I can't wait to see how yours comes out!

Freshwaterpurls said...

That's a cute beret. I've always like Kim Hargreaves designs and want to order one of her kits someday. Right now I have my eye on her new book. It looks great but the falling dollar has made it an expensive book!
To answer your question, I knit the pieces flat at the same time by using an extra long circular needle and working the rows one after another. It's a fool proof way to ensure that all the pieces are identical.