Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Structured Tastings
I spent a wonderful couple of days last week at the wineries in wine school. I know, I know, at last a course I can ace. It's common practice to taste wines from light colour to dark and lighter tasting to oakier. In that spirit - I will update my various projects. We'll go from easy-breezy to the more complex.

First up is an FO. It's Narvik from Rowan 42 made out of luscious Rowan Cocoon. It's in sultry shades of charcoal, gray and mushroom. The cables on the front provide a nice complement to the raised pattern across the all-charcoal back. What makes this the easiest project in my round up?....I never said it was *my* FO. I stumbled across it at Stitch today. Jocelyn had a sample that she kindly let me try on and she even took the picture for me. This one is back on the short list for me. It's really nice in person.

Our second tasting is a nice smooth cashmere layered with complex notes of colour changes. I've finished the first front of Manhattan in the decadent Noro Cashmere Island. I LOVE this project because it's mindless and easy to pick up and put down. I'm currently casting on for the back which involves over 300 stitches to weed down to about 1/3 that amount to make the ruffle.

Here is Roam. Now Roam and I had an incident a week or so ago whereby I realized that all of my increases were done incorrectly. I was only increasing two stitches per row instead of 4. I had to rip out a good 6 inches ...all together now "OUCH!". I'm back to where I was before I ripped back. This is a delightful knit. Do learn how to purl continental if you want to make seed stitch. Once you get it down pat - it's very meditative. I was able to try the original Roam on when I was at Lettuce Knit last month taking a seminar with Laura Chau the designer. It's a great sweater! I'm also using the Addi Lace turbos and the pointy tips make the "to and fro" of the continental seed stitch very easy to stick-handle. The Lisa Souza Baby Alpaca Silk is like a silky Merlot. Rich, deep, smooth and elegant.

I am also still plugging away on Autumn Rose. Second sleeve is almost half done. I'm eager to get to the body so I can actually gather up some rhythm with the pattern. The sleeve is too short a run to actually get "in the Fair isle zone".

Evie is progressing too but I had to clarify a few things with the designer re: pattern directions so, there isn't any progress to show since I had to rip back.

Projects galore! I love it because just as there is a perfect wine for every meal - so is there a perfect project for every mood.


Anonymous said...

I love how you have reported on your projects -- very winery! That Rowan sweater caught my eye too....it's really different.

Glad to see you haven't abandoned Autumn Rose -- when you get to the body you will be amazed by how fast it goes -- it seems that a round of the body is just the same as a round on a sleeve -- go figure!

anmiryam said...

You really had me going there with the Rowan sweater, I thought for sure you had made it -- looks great, no wonder it's on your short list!

Freshwaterpurls said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I think you are the one with good taste. Your sweaters are beautiful! Manhattan is such a neat design. I haven't seen it yet. Can't wait to see the FO.
I've been lusting over the Autumn Rose pullover for a while and I just sent the kit website to my husband as a hint. Perhaps I can start it on Christmas. Yours looks stunning! The colors are so vibrant.
I'm going to put you on my blog roll so that I can keep checking back!