Friday, July 04, 2008

Finding Bliss

Once upon a time - I wanted to make this (Ravelry link).

So, I went to my LYS who had just announced they were closing to retire to Northern Ontario.
I scored 10 balls of yummy Debbie Bliss Cathay in peacock blue.
I still do want to make it. It seems to look vunderbar on everyone who knits it.
The problem is that when the spring/summer Debbie Bliss book came out I fell in love with this.

Upon quick reference to the pattern it became clear that I needed 12 balls of the Cathay.
DANG - 2 short. No problem, I happen to know that all of the inventory from the yarn store is still sitting in the locked up store. So, I called their sister store (which sells beads) and asked. Very nicely
"please oh yarn prison matron - may I have more?"

I was told politely that they didn't know what the owners wanted to do with the left over yarn. On another occasion (I'm not stupid I went back several times hoping my stalking would wear them down) that the owner was taking all the left over inventory to her new home up North to weave with. Apparently she's making a blanket that would cover Timbuk Three cause there was a motherload of stuff left!

After checking several other area stores (sometimes they get the same dye lots) - I was still at a loss. I was dying - knowing that those extra balls in my dye lot were sitting in the dark shuttered store.
I considered this

I considered this

I even considered this.

Then, a year later - the newsletter message I yearned for. Come to the bead store, we're clearing out the rest of the yarn.
I went.

It wasn't there. There was a lady with 5 boxes of eye lash yarn ...with sparkles. I don't even want to think about what she's making.
Finally, the owner came in.
I "splained"

She went to see if it was there.

It WAS there!!!!

5 balls for $10 and the same dye lot.

Of course, this all transpires just before the much awaited fall Debbie Bliss magazine which is dropping soon apparently. Judging from the cover - it looks good.

Please tell me there's not a design in there calling for 16 balls of Debbie Bliss Cathay!


deirdre said...

Oh, I love the way you worked in the movie references... very funny!

Anonymous said...

Great story! Happy for you that it turned out so well. Fingers crossed that the newest book doesn't have something to tempt you LOL!!!

Teyani said...

you tell a great story.

I expecially love the mission impossible shot of suspending from the ceiling.
Your knitting knows no bounds :-)
and obviously, good things come to she who waits.

The sweater is going to be lovely.

Dr. Steph said...

Great post. Persistance pays!

vanessa said...

fantastic post michelle!