Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's a Girl

Not much knitting going on in these parts. There's a distraction in town.

After losing our beloved Flat Coated Retriever Echo last August - there was great debate in our house as to whether or not we should get another. After much discussion...we decided to get a puppy. We found a great breeder and as luck would have it, there were 5 girl puppies from a litter of six so we would have no problem getting another female.

A week ago Sunday, we picked her up. The glow of puppy kisses and tail wagging lasted half way down the breeder's driveway when she began wailing. After about 45 minutes - she fell asleep in the back seat between the boys.

We've named her Phoebe because I always said if Echo had been a human being, she'd have been Phoebe on Friends. She's adorable and ALOT of work right now. The wailing is still continuing in the night time but a round of NyQuil shooters and ear plugs seems to help.

On the breeder's advice - I bought an over sized stuffed dog to mimic her mother. She loves to cuddle up to it. I got a black dog so she would feel comfortable but it doesn't make for the best photography when the subject is also black.

And yes -she's already fetched a bag of Lopi she found in the corner.

Batten the stashes!!


Hope said...

Awwwwww. She is so adorable. I just want to eat her up.

Rhonda said...

She's beautiful. I can't remember ours being that small. She's 3 now.

Toke said...

Very cute! They grow up fast so enjoy!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I have serious puppy envy...

Diane in Oregon

Anne said...

I remember the puppy stage -- it is A LOT OF WORK! but so worth it when you have a friend that will love you unconditionally, give you the push you need to go out for a walk, and snuggle up with you on a cold night!

Enjoy the puppy goes by so quickly.

Julie said...

She is really, really, really cute. Now I want another puppy. I think if she could speak she would tell you that what she wants is a sister. :)
Have fun and good luck. At least she took Lopi and not Rowan.

Romi said...

OMG. How absolutely adorable! I just want to hug her!