Thursday, December 25, 2008

Judy, Judy, Judy

I've secretly wanted a dress form (aka Dress Judy) for a couple of years now. I toyed with the notion of ordering a new one but recently some of the beautiful vintage dress forms have really caught my eye.
About a month ago, I was traveling home from a meeting at the winery through Niagara on the Lake. I drove past a funky antique store housed in an old church called Europa Antiques. Every time I pass by I think "I should go in". This time was no different except immediately after I thought "I should go in" and equally strong voice responded GO IN! When I relayed this story to one of the women who owned the store she turned deadpan to her partner and said "Guess what? Looks like that microphone we installed out front is working". How can you not buy something from folks with such a sense of humour? They had two dress forms and one of them was exactly the size I wanted. It's an Acme dress form from Brooklyn. I love imagining all of the talented seamstresses who may have worked with her. For now, she displays my stranded sweaters and this week shows of the pieces of my Roam. This lighting actually shows the shading of the yarn quite accurately. I'm just finishing the first sleeve and have one last sleeve and the hood and finishing to go. I'll freely admit that I'm on sleeve island at this point. I do love the rhythm of the seed stitch and the yarn is amazing but it feels like the 78th km of a 100km race. So far come - so far still to go. I do really want this puppy done so I'll continue to plug away!

Speaking of puppies - Phoebe is doing well. She's growing like a weed and is showing impeccable taste in her choice of pillows. What else are designer knitting bags for?

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yoel said...

Oh, I'm so jealous of your Judy! What a find! Niagara on the Lake is beautiful too...sounds like you had a nice little trip!