Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rare things

To get the WIP update out of the way up front - I've finished the first sleeve on Roam. I'll spare you the's miles of seed stitch looking pretty much like the other pieces. I have however, had an epiphany (just cause I like saying "epiphany"). Apparently, my desire to knit something isn't so much a function of its beauty (while that helps) but rather it's a matter of scarcity. To be quite frank - nothing makes me want to knit something more than being told I can't.

Let me present exhibit A - Botticelli. I loved Rowan 44. LOVED it. I really loved Botticelli when I first saw it. It went on my "bucket list". Then Julie at Needle Emporium posted to her blog that she'd received a sample garment from Rowan. I had to see it in the flesh (or should I say "the fibre"). Once I tried it on, I was smitten. This is one beautiful garment and the colours are amazing. "I'll take one to go" I announced emphatically. "Not in that shade", explained Julie. Apparently, the shade Camel 157 of Felted Tweed is in short supply world wide. Of course, I could choose another background shade (and another knitter shopping at the same time I was did just that). It would look great in many other background shades - wheat is also an option.

That was beside the point. I was now determined to get some Camel Felted Tweed. I bought the motif shades of felted tweed and Kid Silk Aurora from Julie and scoured the Internet for the shade I needed. I hit pay dirt at Cucumber Patch and it arrived yesterday. It's great and I think casting on for this project may just be the perfect way to begin the New Year.

After all, what's Christmas without the Camel?

Happy New Year everyone - may you start the year with a joyful snout full of snow!

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