Sunday, August 16, 2009

Twist and Shout

The first anniversary edition of Twist Collective launched today. Yowza! Wowza! and any other "owza" that comes to mind. Talk about hitting it out of the park! I must say, When Twist first launched, I wasn't sure how an online knitting magazine would appeal to my senses. After all, getting that publication in my hands and sitting back with a nice glass of wine to turn the pages had become a ritual. I can say that the inaugural issue was beautiful and for the most part, the other issues this year have delivered too. The photography is enticing and the patterns are beautifully laid out. I like buying patterns online however - buying more than one or two at a time becomes a costly exercise. Therein lies the problem with the Fall 2009 issue of Twist.

I want EVERY freaking pattern in the darn thing.

When the sneak peeks were released a couple of weeks ago - I fell hard for the Low Tide Ripples pullover. I have in stash some Ivy Brambles merino super wash in a beautiful lilac colourway called Aster. Now that the issue's been released, I also really want: Ysolda Teague's Vine Yoke Cardigan. This is gorgeous and that Karabella Soft Tweed I have that was intended for the Sunrise Circle Jacket (I've long since gotten over wanting to make that) could be beautiful in this design!!!! Given the wine-centric focus of this blog, I think a "Vine Yoke sweater" is a must. Audrey in Unst won't be at the top of my queue right now but that photography is brilliant! The red sweater against the blue brick wall...stunning. Mimico rocks and I love the shades of blue. Cottage Garden is another favourite and so is Paula. My Lisa Souza Baby Alpaca silk in the Mother of Pearl colourway may work for this. Loreli would look wonderful in that Silky Malibrigo I have stashed. Papineau is drool worthy and I'm itching to try the new St. Denis yarn. Twigs and Leaves cardigan maybe would work for something in stash. I love the rustic look and the leather tie. Last but not least, Marnie McClean's Pas de Valse really shows its stuff in the thumbnail images sporting different ways to wear this cardigan. I love it but can I stand that much stockinette???

Speaking of Marnie McClean, I have some pictures of Bijou which is her design from the Winter 2009 issue of Twist. I'm making this out of a strand of my friend Hope's hand spun hand paint (say that 10 times real fast) and a strand of my lace weight. Here is Judy modeling the body thus far. The shaping is wonderful. It's the first time I've used short rows to create bust darts and I'm a convert! The only thing with hand painted yarn is that short row shaping creates a wee bit of pooling. I don't think it detracts from the design here. In fact, I think it creates a wider band right where I'd like to look slim so I'm quite happy. I will now begin the lace portion of the yoke so the fun begins!!! Stay tuned ladies and gents - I'm on a deadline with this one so time is of the essence.

So thank you Twist for an issue that will be spoken about with the same reverence as Rowan 10 and 20. I want them all but I can't buy them all at once. Damn! At $7.00 per pattern, only serious contenders will make the cut.

My son overheard me looking at the issue this morning. As I looked at each design I swore under my breath because it became clear to me that I was loving them all. When he asked what was wrong I tried to explain why liking them all upset me. "Honey, what if you walked into a video game store and EVERY game there was great and you wanted it? That's what this feels like to me". "No problem," he countered. "I would buy the one I wanted first and then get the others one by one. I would assume they would still be there when I wanted them."

Ah, it sucks when the student surpasses the teacher doesn't it? Thanks Grasshopper.


Katinka said...

But did you read about their August contest on the Twist blog, in which each pattern purchased is an entry into a prize drawing for MORE patterns? That's how I talked myself into buying three patterns this morning (Low-Tide Ripples, Lorelei, and Ashbury from the Spring issue). :D

Anne said...

You have taught your son well....that's the great this about Twist Collective....the patterns will always be there - they won't go out of print!