Sunday, June 06, 2010

Feeling like a wet blanket:
I'm weaving a blanket for my husband out of City Silk in taupe and chartreuse. It's an undulating twill and I don't understand the weave structure as it's got some long floats.

I'm concerned about the end fabric though. The weave seems uniform and firm when I first do it but as it winds around the front of the loom, there are some gaping holes as the threads shift. Is this something I should be worried about or will it work itself out when I wet finish it?

This is the fabric on the top side which looks fine:

Here is the fabric underneath:

What say you oh weaving mavens?

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amyfibre said...

Typically, one uses a closer sett with undulating twill because it does tend to slip and slide around with those long floats. I'm not familiar with the yarn you're using. If it has a component of wool in it, when you wet finish the blanket, you can gently move the picks back into place, and slightly full the blanket to hold them. If there isn't any wool in the yarn, I'm afraid that you might have problems for the duration. Feel free to email me privately if you have more questions.