Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh, Bugga

I manged to forgo the Koigu craze.

I even resisted stashing up on Socks that Rock

In fact, I'm quite proud of my ability to resist the "latest cool yarn" - that is, until I met Bugga.

Or should I say- Bugga met me? Oh sure, I'd heard whispers in chat rooms about its decadence and beauty. Merino, Cashmere, Nylon might be Kryptonite to some but not to me. Then Vanessa showed up at Madrona wearing her Swedish Heartwarmer shawl made in 100% Bugga. Here it is modeled by Steph at our weekend retreat in March. Vanessa kindly brought it to the Yellow House for all of us to ogle. My other knitting buddy Joy also made this out of the Mountain Bearfoot yarns originally prescribed. Both versions are stunning but I really wanted to knit with the Bugga to see what all of the fuss was about so I planned my colourway.

I want to stay close to the original colourway (done in Bearfoot Mountain Colours) but at the same time, I want to put my own stamp on things. I found inspiration in a wall calendar I have. This is the April image and I particularly love the way the red boat pops on the subdued grey/blue background. It's got a Ralph Lauren vibe that I especially like.
(The colours, not the image which is kind of goofy)

Over the month of March I acquired the necessary shades. Top left going clockwise they are: Tomato Frog, Blue Metalmark, Bog Fritillary and Sooty Dancer. I'm working on the plain section that starts the shawl done all in indigo. In this case it's Sooty Dancer.

I'm doing a huge, stranded colourwork shawl on 2.25mm needles.

I'm knitting it with the most amazing yarn ever made.

Kinda like drowning in a vat of liquid chocolate. I may not make it out the other side but I'll certainly die happy.

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Dr. Steph said...

Thanks for the inspirational photo. I have my bugga all ready to go on this pattern. Can't wait. I think I'm going to start this weekend.

What wine goes with bugga?