Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Blue Skies

I can't quite believe that it's now day 6 of my vacation. Somewhere around 9:23 Monday night I managed to begin to decompress and detach. Not checking work e mails on my iPhone helps. I can't really be that important.

Royale by Glenna C is blossoming into a beautiful sweater. I'm working with an Aran weight yarn by Indigodragonfly in the colourway "Then Buffy Staked Edward...The end.". It's a lovely, smoky teal with kisses of a purple veil. I'm alternating skeins to ensure an even distribution of the variegation. This is a semi-solid shade but I

like to ensure that pooling is mitigated by alternating skeins. This project and I had a few false starts. It was totally me. The pattern is just fine - very well written. I just kept losing my focus when I cast on. First I dropped a stitch and then tried to pick it up and didn't like it. Then I used the wrong size needles for the ribbing. Next I twisted the join and didn't notice for several rounds. I think I made every mistake twice and the sixth time I cast on seemed to be a charm. I'm zipping along and all seems fine. The twisted stitches are lovely and I can't wait to finish it. I had a chance to try on Glenna's sample a couple of years ago at Rhinebeck. It's one sexy sweater!Every morning I've taken to trekking down to the waterfront near where dad lives. The incline is about 80 degrees so walking back up offers a nice workout. This morning I decided to go and sit by the water and listen to my favourite knitting podcast Knit 1 Geek 2 whilst working on Royale. Knit 1 Geek 2 is hosted by a couple of my knit night buddies Karen and Maggie. If you haven't listened to it yet - go for it. You'll enjoy it I promise.

I took a few glamour shots of Royale by the ocean. I'm taking advantage of this time to play with my camera a bit more. I have a D3100 by Nikon. It's more camera than I need right now but I'm hoping to grow into it. I took this shot of this lovely orange flower because I liked the way it looked next to the rocks. I'm playing with depth of field too - hence the slightly out of focus background. Here is Royale beside the orange flowers just to tie it all together.

I ended up sitting by the water for a couple of hours. I say it was the fabulous view, podcast and knitting project but truth be told - I was not looking forward to the walk back up.


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