Sunday, June 02, 2013

Gone Fishing


I'm a bad,bad blogger...but then you knew that already. Life continues to roll at warp speed. I fall down the rabbit hole at regular intervals. I work - long hours and have a busy family life. My fibrey pursuits often take a back seat to duty (sigh).

Currently, however- I'm off the grid. I've flown to Vancouver Island for a week to hang out with dad and sleep and knit. Dad prodded me earlier today to blog more so as I sit on a sunny coffee house patio it occurs to me that this might be a bloggable moment. Here is my sock. read that right. A. Sock. I've only ever finished one pair and I gifted those when I needed a last minute present. I believe that the holy trinity of pattern, needles and yarn make for a successful finish. If the pattern is too boring or too complicated- other things will attract me. I think I've found the right combo. Here I have Turtle Purl sock yarn in the Purple Purl anniversary colourway. The needles are the lovely Signature double points (expensive but worth it) and the pattern is the Vanilla Latte sock by Virginia-Rose Jeanes.

Blissfully alone with the sunshine, my latte and my knitting. Life's good.


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